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Grinding Type Milling Blades

Grinding Type Milling Blades  - Wedge Mill Tool, Inc - carbide_tip_blades

Carbide Tipped Blades

From day one, Wedge-Mill Tool has been manufacturing quality carbide tipped and high speed steel serrated milling blades. WMT has supplied many blades for OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and end users. WMT is proud of its' long cutting tool history and experience with this product line and has offered cost savings suggestions to some of WMT's major customers. WMT induction brazes all carbide tipped blades with state of the art equipment.
WMT can offer competitive prices for:
  • Grind type blades
  • Milling blades
  • Serrated blades
  • Cutter milling blades
  • Carbide tipped blades

Grinding Type Milling Blades  - Wedge Mill Tool, Inc - serratedbladesSerrated Blades

With over 25 years experience manufacturing superior cutting tools, Wedge-Mill Tool has tooling available to manufacture a variety of serration sizes for milling blades. This tooling, along with our stocked raw materials inventory, allows WMT to offer faster delivery times to our customers. WMT is proud of our cutting tool expertise and it shows in the quality of our products that we deliver to our customers. We can mill or grind serrations in a variety of materials such as tool steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, as well as many non-ferrous materials.
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